Beautiful Millefiori Beads and Jewellery

The millefiori design was first created by the Venetians around the 1920s and was used to make more delicate, round beads for conventional jewellery which were later traded in huge quantities in Africa. They were all made in a skilful, highly decorative manner, and some of the millefiori beads and jewellery in my selection may well have come from the early 20th century.


Millefiori beads come in relatively short, cylindrical slices and also long "elbow" beads. Some have previously been ground at either end at a slant so that when they are threaded tightly they make more of a curve. A few beads with desirable patterns are damaged at one or both ends but can be ground down to a slightly shorter length. The price range for my millefiori beads varies greatly depending on the condition and quality of each piece.


Beautiful glass beads are either moulded or handmade in various ways such as lampwork, millefiori, chevron, crumb-decorated, faceted or embedded with precious metal foil. Every collectable bead is fascinating and slightly different! Used singly as the focus for unrepeatable jewellery or in sets to create new designs, everything you make will be unique.

Millefiori Range

The Venetian glass Millefiori and Chevron beads I have for sale vary in size, shape, complex patterns and rich colours. The historic trade beads most valued by collectors are no longer made. Hippies of the ‘50s and ‘60s loved them and brought them back from Africa threaded on skeins of Raffia or thick cotton because they were made with large holes. However, my prices for them are very reasonable even though they are very hard to find.

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