In this section, which extends to about the 1920s, there are both European jewellery beads and trade beads. Some are single lampworked glass beads, some as small collections and some wearable strands as loops often with their original stringing, and rethreading with a proper clasp may be recommended. If you are designing, you will want to rethread them anyway.

You will find many Venetian trade beads if they are not specifically Millefiori, such as layered or striped drawn beads, and the beautiful and sought-after Chevron, Star, or Rosetta beads. Also included are antique beads from Bohemia often found with them that were also traded in Africa, as well as beads of all styles and many other materials known to be antique from other parts of the globe. There are a huge variety of typical and rare patterns, many sold singly.

I also have some very collectable authentic traditional antique English lace bobbins each of which has a “spangle” –a wire loop at the end holding a few handmade glass beads that are quite distinctive and may have been made locally at the time – they could be at least 200 years old.


This section will show necklaces that I have designed and made using combinations of interesting beads but also restored necklaces of existing matching sets of special beads that had come apart, for example, a long necklace of graduated-sized Venetian jewellery beads from the 1920s which I have rethreaded on a hand-braided cord in matching colours. More will be added to this section.


Here you will find various amazing single beads or small sets that are particularly valuable or unusual, that may be of particular interest. Soon, there will be a good selection in this category. I also intend to include some recently made one-of-a-kind artists’ beads.


There are many sorts of very lovely beads by the kilo from my former shop, many types no longer made, both for jewellery and embroidery crafts. 

My stock built up long before China began to copy and export glass beads. There are gorgeous handmade decorated lampwork beads for making necklaces, bracelets, earrings etc. from India, and quantities of moulded and faceted beads from the Czech Republic.

The embroidery beads, rocailles, or seed beads that I have are from old couture costume and dressmakers’ workshops. Long before the Japanese made the mechanically regular “Delica” beads, many embroidery beads were made in Italy, Czechoslovakia, France, and the far east. They were also the ones preferred in Native American beadwork and were available in lovely subtle colours. 

Please note that quantities of some sizes and colours are limited. More beads are due to be added here soon.

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