Traditional Ethnic Beads and Jewellery

In many countries throughout the world, beads and bead jewellery have significant cultural status and are associated with traditional and tribal costumes. My selection of ethnic beads and bead jewellery ranges include:  - Sophisticated Colourful Beadwork, Cache-Sexe Aprons of Cameroon, Chunky Locally Mined Bauxite Cylinders from Ghana, Complicated and Large “Lost Wax” Cast Brass Forms from Nigeria, Bunched Multi-Strand Collars from Pakistan and Northern India

Among my ethnic collection, you will also find traditional silver craftsmanship from places such as Afghanistan, Morocco, Ethiopia, Eastern Europe, and countries in South America.


The majority of my ethnic section consists of full pieces of jewellery rather than single loose beads, including pendants, pins, and earrings made from silver and other metals, stone, wood, shell, ceramic, or bone. They may be rethreaded in traditional styles but still mostly valued as antiques. Collectors may find them elsewhere at much higher prices.


Ethnic adornments maintain traditional and tribal styles but may be reconstructed anew using old elements, which may be locally made or traded from far away. So, beads made in East Africa, Yemen, Morocco, the Himalayas, China, Java, or regions of Afghanistan may appear in the near or middle east and are called “Bedouin” jewellery! Often, the materials are recycled. If you contact me I may be able to identify some of the components.


Some traditional jewellery is endowed with amuletic properties – to deflect the evil eye, repel poisons or protect the health of new-born infants, bring luck, denote wealth, give strength to a hunter, or show his prowess. Certain beads are often associated with stages in life, and can fulfil a religious role, or show the world which team you support!

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